Quick Start Guide

Required Files

  • pak0.pk3 from your Q3 CD
  • 1.32b point release (link)
  • 1.32c patch (link)
  • CNQ3 updated executable (link)
  • CPMA mod (link)
  • CPMA map pack (link)
  • All five Threewave CTF map packs (link)


Install the 1.32b point release to a folder of your choice (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\)

Copy pak0.pk3 from your CD to the /baseq3 sub-folder. (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\baseq3\pak0.pk3)

Unzip the 1.32c patch, extracting quake3.exe to your Q3 folder, replacing the existing file. (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\quake3.exe)

Unzip the CNQ3 executable, extract cnq3.exe to your Q3 folder, alongside the standard quake3.exe. (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\cnq3.exe)

Unzip the CPMA mod files, extract the cpma folder to your Q3 folder, you should have a cpma folder inside your Q3 folder alongside the baseq3 folder. (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\cpma\)

Unzip the CPMA map pack, extract all .pk3 files into your baseq3 folder. (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\baseq3\cpm*.pk3)

Place all five Threewave map packs (q3wpak*.pk3) into your baseq3 folder. (e.g. C:\Games\Q3\baseq3\q3wpak*.pk3)

Server Browsing

We strongly recommend using an external server browser to locate game servers, rather than the built-in game browser. One such server browser is MaxBrowse (link).


If you are using an external server browser, it will launch Q3 using the correct mod for the server you are joining automatically. If you are playing the CPMA mod, use the CNQ3 executable. The standard quake3.exe hasn't been updated for years and is full of bugs, the CNQ3 executable contains many fixes, refinements and features, and is regularly updated. The CNQ3 executable may not work with other mods, due to the fixes it contains.

Quake 3 includes anti-cheat software called PunkBuster. Many servers run with PB turned off as these days it generally causes more disruption than it is worth. If you wish to play on a PB-enabled server, you have to use quake3.exe, as only the official executable supports PB. PB is supposed to automatically update itself once connected to a server, however if you wish to manually update it you can use the PBSetup tool from Even Balance, the creators of PB.

To manually connect to a game server, you can launch the game using the command line quake3.exe +set fs_game modfolder +connect ip:port for example quake3.exe +set fs_game cpma +connect


The official Threewave map guide provides plan views and information about each map's item locations. View the Threewave map guide here.

In addition to the standard maps above, there are a few other maps that you may need depending on which gametypes you play. Some common maps are listed here. To install a map, simply place the .pk3 file into your baseq3 folder. Some downloads are zipped up and require you to extract the .pk3 from inside the .zip.


A remke of q3dm14, optimised for CPM TDM.
A slightly modified version of ospdm5, a map that was included in the OSP mod. This version is tweaked for CPM TDM.
A relatively new TDM map designed for CPM gameplay.

VQ3 DM Maps

One of the most popular VQ3 duel maps.
This Q3 incarnation of a QuakeWorld classic is popular for both VQ3 and CPM duels. The CPM version can be found in the CPMA map pack as cpm22.
A remke of q3dm13, designed to bring the map up to competition standard.
Created by id Software mapper Fred Nilsson, but never officially released, this map is often used for TDM games.
OSP Map Pack
This is a collection of all maps that were included with the OSP mod, enabling the OSP maps to be played in all mods.
This is an alternate version of ztn3tourney1 used for playing in TDM mode, especially 2v2.

Other Maps

This is a Duel Arena-style aim practice map that is essentially a large open space. You can't run and you can't hide.
The first map from Rocket Arena 3. It is a multi-arena map, which is popular for both Duel Arena and Clan Arena modes in CPMA.
Chicken Team CTF Map Pack
This collection of 4 maps crops up occasionally.
- injx