The most feature-rich and refined mod for Q3, containing both the standard VQ3 and advanced CPM gameplays. This is currently the only major mod still being updated and is the official competition mod for Q3. CPMA also features a wide range of gametypes, including Freeze Tag, CTFS, and Clan/Duel Area to add to the traditional deathmatch gametypes.
Made specifically with trick-jumping in mind, DeFRaG contains many features for freestyle trick-jumping and movement practice, and features timed running, where players travel from the start of a course to the end against the clock by employing a wide range of movement skills. There exists a huge ammount of community-made run, trick, and practice maps of all difficulty levels.
Rocket Arena 3
Ideal for those who wish to do away with the tactics and strategies of traditional deathmatch gameplay, Rocket Arena features round-based Clan Arena-style gametypes. Players spawn with given armour and weapons, and all items pickups are removed, making this mod easy for newbies to pick up and play.
Threewave CTF - 1.6 Full - 1.7 Update
From the original CTF pioneers, Threewave features a variety of CTF gametypes, the most popular of which, CTFS, is most simply described as 'Clan Arena with flags'. The high-quality maps included are a standard for CTF across all mods, and can be obtained separately if required. See the Quick Start guide for more information.

Community Sites
News, demos and discussion, forcusing on competitive gaming.
Quake Unity
Wide range of quake-related files and news.


id Software
Official site of id Software, creators of Q3.
Official site of the PunkBuster anti-cheat software built in to Q3 since version 1.31.
The Radiant level-editing software is the key tool required for mapping in Q3.
Server Spy
Server Spy is a server monitoring web application, useful for displaying your server's status on your web page.
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