In Quake 3 the player's settings are stored as variables known as CVars. Some of these are accessible via the normal in-game options menus, but there isn't enough room in the menus to fit in every setting. However, all settings can be accessed directly by using CVars. The console is a powerful tool that allows a player to enter commands to change CVars, manage key binds and other useful things.

The console is accessed using the key to the left of '1' on the top-left of the keyboard: depending on your keyboard layout, the symbol could be ` or ~. The console features a command line, where commands are entered, and a history of printed information is displayed above.

To enter a command, you must first type a slash as a prefix, so the game knows you are entering a command. If you forget the slash, the text you enter will be 'said' as a chat message to everyone in the server. Both back-slashes and forward-slashes are valid, so you may choose.

- injx