Welcome to the Final Funender Magazine Stand!

What’s the Final Funender Magazine Stand you say? Why, it’s a webzine published by the glorious, beautiful, and super humble members of the Funender gaming forum. We publish articles on gaming as well as ones centered around the Funender community (such as interviews with members, news about the website, and art features made by our talented members). We run minor articles year-round, but we also publish a quarterly Main-zine which exclusively has articles from the Magazine Staff, are longer, and have some cool extras. All Main-zine articles will be highlighted here on the home page along with any breaking news we might encounter.

Want to post to Minor Issues (the year-round minor publication) and you’re not a staff members? Find out how you can still submit and how to possibly become a staff member by reading this forum post!

Want to comment on a magazine post? No problem! Just sign in just as you would on the Funender gaming forum and you’re golden. Your avatar automatically transfers over and you can start commenting immediately. You can also add friends, join groups, play games, and lots of other cool things! Don’t be shy, we love hearing from you guys!


THE RELAUNCH IS REAL! The Main-zine for our relaunch is now live! So what have we got on the menu?

First and foremost, get updated on what’s new on the site! All the questions you might/ probably have asked about the forum in the past month is explained in this issue’s Forum News.

We also have some fresh reviews for you guys to read! If you’ve been debating checking out Mario Kart 8¬†or Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, we recommend you see what our staff had to say about them first!

Want to sit back and enjoy some member submitted art? We’ve got two brand new stories and a comic for you to view! The first story will be the very first chapter of a fantasy series entitled¬†Scarlet’s Choice. The second is a one-shot romance story (in honor of Valentine’s Day) called Lie and Wait. If you’re not much of a reader, hopefully you enjoy the first entry from the comic How I See It.

We also have some fun little extras for you guys. First is a short Final Fantasy romance quiz. If you get all the answers right, you’ll earn a bit of gil from the author (be sure to read who to pm). Were also excited to announce our first ever audiocasts! Get a glass of wine, crack out the chocolates, and sit back for our discussion segment entitled Romance In Gaming. We also have a great (and far shorter) podcast segment about pre-ordering and DLC in gaming called #FixYourSHHH.

Enjoy the relaunch and remember to leave comments about how you felt. Whether you liked it, hated it, or felt any other strong emotion, we’d love to hear about it!