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 Post subject: Tips and Hints
PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:57 pm 
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Tips and Hints ONLY!
Clan Centurio and Mob Hunt
To start the Mob Hunt missions, go check on the bulletin board in different
towns, exsample like the inn in Rabanastre City, the inn of Bhujerba Skycity,
the board at Phon Coast and so on. After that you have to speak with the client
of that mission to start it, the location of client will display as exclamation
mark in the map screen. If you forgot, open up your "Mob List" under
"Clan Report", select the mob which you want to start, then press "Square"
button, you will see your client's location.
Speak with your client after finishing the mission for reward.
Rank 1
- Rank E - Rogue Tomato
Location : Dalmasca Eastersand, the first hill from Rabanastre.
Client : Tomaj, Rabanastre, The Sandsea.
Reward : 300 gil, Potion x 2, Teleport Stone

- Rank E - Thextera
Location : Dalmasca Westersand, Galtea, around South.
Client : Gatsly, Rabanastre, The Sandsea the man sitting on the floor.
Reward : 500 gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone

- Rank E - Flowering Cactiod/Flower Saboten
Location : Dalmasca Eastersand, Yardang Labyrinth, around the central.
Client : Dantro, Estersand Outpost in Dalmasca Estersand, the man sitting on the crate.
Reward : 500 gil, Potion x 10

- Rank E - Wraith
Location : Garamsythe Waterway,the first zone from Downtown/Lowtown.
Client : Milha, Downtown/Lowtown in Rabanastre,the girl in front of the small gate.
Reward : 500 gil, Ether, Gauntlets

- Rank E - Nidhogg
Location : Lhusu Mines,Transitway 1 section.
Client : Aekom, SkyCity of Bhujerba, Lhusu Square,the Seeq talking with a man.
Reward : 600 gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava
*Obtain Great Serpentskin from your client, which has a usage for
Barheim Key quest, check "Back To Barheim Passage" side quest
for the details.

- Rank E - Cluckatrice/Niwatoris
Location : Giza Plains (dry season)Gizas North Bank.
Client : Dania, Giza Plains, Nomad Village (dry season), the women in the stable.
Reward : 1,000 gil, Jackboots, Rainbow Egg
*Kill everything there, exit and return that section.

- Rank E - Rocktoise
Location : Lhusu Mines, Site 2 North-East section.
Client : Pilika, Bhujerba SkyCity, Khus Skygrounds, South-West corner, the moogle in blue.
Reward : 1,200 gil, Hi-potion x 2, Heavy Coat
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:00 pm 
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Rank 2
- Rank D - Wyvern Lord
Location : Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Simmon Bluff,Northern most.
Client : Sherral, Rabanastre Weapon Shop,one of the soldiers.
Reward : 1,000 gil, Longbow, Shell Shield

- Rank D - Enkelados
Location : Ozmone Plains, The Shred,South-East section of the plains.
Client : Low-Chief Sugumu,Jahara, Land Of The Garif, Elderknoll.
Reward : 1,100 Gil, Ether, Golden Amulet
*First you have to kill all monsters there, then leave and return
to the same section only it will show up.

- Rank D - Croakadile/Kerogeros
Location : Giza Plains (rain season),central of the Starfall Field section.
Client : Sadeen, Nomad Village (rain season),man in green shirt.
Reward : 1,200 Gil, Snake Rod, Telepo Stone

- Rank D - Ixtab
Location : Henne Mines, Phase 1 Shaft, search the South-East area.
Client : High-Chief Zayalu, Jahara, Land Of The Garif, Elderknoll,
Reward : 1,300 gil, Ether, Soul Powder

Rank 3

- Rank C - Ring Wyrm
Location : Dalmasca Westersand, first East section from the Gate Crystal.
Client : Balzac, West of Downtown/Lowtown in Rabanastre,man sitting on the crate.
Reward : 200 gil, Moon Ring, Ice Brand
*Only appear during the sand storm, lot of HP but not that tough.

- Rank C - Feral Retriever/Chopper
Location : Paramina Rift, Spine of the Icewyrm,central section before reach Stillshrine of Miriam.
Client : Hymms, around Gate Crystal in Bur Omisace,man with blue shirt beside chocobo.
Reward : 1,500, Recurve Crossbow, Teleport Stone x 2

- Rank C - Vorpal Bunny
Location : Golmore Jungle, The Rustling Chapel.
Client : Nare, Eruyt Village, The Spiritwood the only viera sitting on the enclosing wall.
Reward : 2,000 gil, Lightning Arrows, Gilly Boots

- Rank C - Atomos
Location : Mosphoran Highwaste, Northern Skirts North-West section, before the area to Salikawood.
Client : Burrogh, Jajim Bazaar in Nalbina,the blue bangaa sitting on the floor.
Reward : 1,800 gil, Gaia Rod, Diamond Shield

- Rank C - Gil Snapper/Gilgame
Location : Giza Plains (rain season), Tracks of the Beast at South-West,
you must cut down some trees to unlock this area.
Client : Nanau, Giza plains, Crystak Glade, in front the Save Crystal.
Reward : 3,000 gil, Phobos Glaze
*Cut the trees to build up a brigde to South-East section.
They're located at:
1.South Save Crystal, behind your client.
2.Central section of the map.
3.South-West section.
4.North section.
5.North-East section.
6.Middle area between two Save Crystal.
After all, go to South-East most can see a new bridge formed by the
trunks, cross there to find Gilgame. And it will only appear in heavy rain.
Back to your client duing dry season, she's in the central camp section
of Giza Plains.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:04 pm 
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Rank 4

- Rank B - Mind Flayer
Location : Henne Mines, Phase 1 Dig,South-West section.
Client : Warrior Guromu, in Jahara, Land Of The Garif,South from the shop, one of the garifs there.
Reward : 2,200 gil, Carmagnole
*only appear when all character in full MP.

- Rank B - Braegh
Location : Salikawood, Corridor of Ages West section before reach Necrohol Of Nabudis.
Client : Va'Kansa, Mosphoran Highwaste Gate Crystal area,the green bangaa beside the shop.
Reward : 1,700 gil, Obelisk, Hi-Ether

- Rank B - Darksteel
Location : Sochen Cave Palace, Temtation Eluded,North section just after the boss arena.
Client : Homesick Man, Archades weapon shop,the man looking at the knight armor.
Reward : 3,000 gil, Lead Bolts, Adamantite

Rank 5

- Rank A - White Moose
Location : Garamsythe Waterway,West Sluice Control section.
Client : Sorbet, Rabanastre Westgate,the moogle guarding on the teleport pole.
Reward : 2,800 gil, Yoichi Bow.
*Obtain Sluice Gate Key after getting rewards.

- Rank A - Marilith
Location : Zertinan Cavern, Invitation to Heresy North-East section of the cavern.
Client : Tavermaster, Rabanastre, The Sandsea man in counter.
Reward : 2,200 gil, Serpent Eye, Telepo Stone x 3
*Just enter from Dalmasca Westersand. first section, go South until
the sunlight area, wait there a while the run around the area, make
sure don't leave that section while running around. Return to the
sunlight area after killing all monsters in that section.

- Rank A - Bloodwing
Location : Barheim Passage, West Annex, East from Save Crystal section before Terminus No.7.
Client : No.381, Dalmasca Estersand, South Bank Camp,the blue bangaa around the beach.
Reward : 2,400 gil, Stun Bombs, Vampyr Fang
*Need to get Barheim Key before you can return there.
Read "Back to Barheim Passage" section for more details.

- Rank A - Orthros
Location : Garamsythe Waterway, Southern Sluiceway.
Client : Contrite Thief, Downtown/Lowtown in Rabanastre,
the injured seeq near the waterway entrance.
Reward : 3,800 gil, Horakhty's Flame, Unpurified Ether
*Change all female characters to your main party before enter.

- Rank A - Trickster
Location : Paramina Rift, Frozen Brook the East section from the Save Crystal.
Client : Gurdy, Bur Omisace chocobo stable, the moogle guarding at the stable.
Reward : 4,800 gil, Deimos Clay
*when the Trickster left around 10% HP, you need to cast
non-elemental magic (Flare) to finish off it.

- Rank A - Antlion
Location : Lhusu Mines, Site 9, the South-West section.
Client : Niray, Bhujerba Staras Residence,the only girl inside there.
Reward : 4,300 gil, Bubble Belt, Sickle-Blade
*You will get No.3 Mines Key, now you can reach to South-West section of
the mines. Antlion is in the end of No.9 mines, protecting by some other
same type monsters, suggest kill them with Death spell if you have it.

- Rank A - Vyraal
Location : Cerobi Steppe, The Northsward, North-East section of the map.
Client : Viera Wayfarer, Port At Balfonheim, The Whitecap,
the viera sitting on the window.
Reward : 3,500 gil, Halberd, Crystal Shield

- Rank A - Belito
Location : Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Withering Shores, South from the central section, at the round area.
Client : Monblanc, Rabanastre Clan HQ. the person who gives you mob hunt mission.
Reward : 5,100 gil, Megalixir
*Go to the separated section of Zertinan Cavern from Ogir-Yensa, Central
Junction, from there only you can reach this section.

- Rank A - Piscodaemon
Location : Ancient City Of Giruvegan, Gate of Fire South-West area in the section after Save Crystal.
Client : Ivaness, Bur Omisace,Temple Grounds.
Reward : 3,800 gil, Dark Shots, Scathe Mote

- Rank A - Lind Wyrm
Location : Tchita Uplands (cloudy season), Gardern of Life's Circle section.
Client : Fermon, Old Archades, West section street,
the man sitting with a group in the corner.
Reward : 4,200 gil, Barrel Coat, Hi-Ether

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:10 pm 
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Rank 6

- Rank S - Roblon
Location : Nabreus Deadlands,the rotate shape area in North-West.
Client : Morgen, Nalbina, West Ward,the old man sitting there.
Reward : 3,100 gil, Giant Helmet, Mythril
*Go South from Gate Crystal, then go through the hidden path
around North-West area.

- Rank S - Overlord
Location : Sochen Cave Palace, Doubt Abandoned, Southern section before you enter the place.
Client : Insecure Seeq, Archades technick shop, the seeq looking at bookcase.
Reward : 3,500 gil, Hi-Ether x 2, Teleport Stone

- Rank S - Goliaty/Goliath
Location : Necrohol Of Nabudis,North section of the map.
Client : Barrong, Nalbina, Hall of Slumbering,the brown bangaa hiding beside the stair.
Reward : 3,600 gil, Save The Queen, Einherjarium
*Also the first section from Nabreus Deadlands.

- Rank S - Deathscythe
Location : Necrohol Of Nabudis,Cloister of the Highborn.
Client : Popol, Nalbina, Jajim Bazaar,the man sitting on the floor with carpet.
Reward : 2,800 gil, Hi-Ether x 2, Soul Of Thamasa
*It will only appears when two of your characters within lower HP state.

- Rank S - Catoblepas
Location : Zertinan Cavern,North-East section from the Save Crystal.
Client : War-Chief Supinelu, Jahara, Land Of The Garif,South from the shop, the garif at the back.
Reward : 3,200 gil, Volcano, Antarctic Wind
*Go through the hidden path from Save Crystal, the path won't
display in the map, and the falling sands covering half of it.

- Rank S - Wild Malboro
Location : Feywood, Redolent Glade, South from the Save Crystal, where you fight the boss.
Client : Rena, The Spiritwood,viera in white.
Reward : 4,600 gil, Euclid's Sextant
*You send Oil then cast your strongest fire element spell to finish it
faster, but it knows Esuna and Renew.

- Rank S - Ixion
Location : Pharos at Ridorana,Subterra-Origin In Darkness.
Client : Port At Balfonheim Inn the women in first counter.
Reward : 3,000 gil, Sapping Bolts, Ragnarok
*Return to Pharos at Ridorana, take the elevator in 1F to underground.
Any level in Subterra-Origin In Darkness layer.

- Rank S - The Seer/Shadowseer/Darkness God
Location : Pharos at Ridorana Bottom floor in Subterra.
Client : Monblanc, Rabanastre Clan HQ. the person who gives you mob hunt mission.
Reward : 20,000 gil, Megalixir x 2
*Return to Pharos at Ridorana, take the elevator in 1F to underground.
Collect enough Black Pearls from killing monsters and fill it to the Altars
at four different corner to get to lower floors.
B1F - South-West 6, South-East 3, North West 9, North-East 18
B2F - South-West 18, South-East 15, North West 9, North-East 15
B3F - South-West 12, South-East 27, North West 21, North-East 15
B4F - Battle~!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:15 pm 
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Rank 7
- Rank H - Carrot
Location : Salikawood, Sun-dappled Path,
South-West section of the map.
Client : Zammadria, Nalbina Aerodrome, Airship Terminal,
the lady on the chair.
Reward : 5,200 gil, Stink Bombs, Putrid Liquid
*Once you enter this place, don't kill anything before you see it.

- Rank H - Mysterious Man / Gilgamesh
Location : Lhusu Mines,West from the Gate Crystal for first encounter,later in South-West section known as Site 7.
Client : Monblanc, Rabanastre Clan HQ. the person who gives you mob hunt mission.
Reward : 10,000 gil, Masamune!
*Before you could get to Site 7, back to Phon Coast Gate Crystal section,
take the Site 11 key that's near the two men around North-West. And you
must clear Antlion Mob Hunt, probably you have done it.

- Rank H - Deathgaze
Location : Airship
Client : Traveler, Aerodrome/Airship Terminal,the boy with family.
Reward : 3,400 gil, Elixir x 2
*You have to find your client, talk to them everytime when you found him
in the Airship Terminal for more informations. When Death Gate appear, the
boy will tell you to fight him. Now when you take the airship, you will see
some different events.

- Rank H - Diabolos
Location : Lhusu Mines,the Western end in Site 11.
Client : Miclio, Bhujerba SkyCity, Miners' End,the girl in blue, behind the gate.
Reward : 2,600 gil, Demon Shield, Zeus Mace
*Must clear Antlion (rank A) mission. Back to Phon Coast Gate Crystal
area, go North-West can see two men there, check beside the sitting man
can find Site 11 Key, now only you can start the mission.

- Rank H - Fafnir
Location : Paramina Rift, Silverflow's End,South section of the map, the smaller area.
Client : Ieecha/Relj, Bur Omisace, Temple Approach,the viera leaning on the crate.
Reward : 7,000 gil, Assasin's Arrow, Teleport Stone
*Only show up during snowstorm.

- Rank H - Pyleraster
Location : Pharos at Ridorana,the passage before the entrance, where you face Hydro.
Client : Rikken, Port At Balfonheim,South-West most.
Reward : 8,000 gil, Grand Mace, Scathe Mote x 2

- Rank H - King Behemoth
Location : Feywood, The Edge of Reason the South-West section of the map.
Client : Koqmihn, Rabanastre Downtown/Lowtown,the man inside the Old Dalan's Place.
Reward : 250 gil, Bucchas's Wine x 2
*Kill all enemies in these two section before Giruvegan gate, then kill also
those five enemies like the bosser that you fought in Sochen Cave Palace.
After all only it will show around the Giruvegan gate.

Rank 8
- Rank X - Yazmat/Yiazmat
Location : Ridorana Cataract,the round section at South where knowing as Colosseum.
Client : Monblanc, Rabanastre Clan HQ.the person who gives you mob hunt mission.
Reward : 30,000 gil, Godslayer's Badge.
*Defeat Hell Wyrm/Majinryuu optional boss and clear all other mob/mark
hunting missions to unlock this.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:18 pm 
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Back to Barheim Passage
After events in Barheim Passage, you can return to this from other entrance in
Dalmasca Eastersand. Reasons of going back to Barheim Passage are side quests
and esper/summon, as well as some great treasures. All you need is just the
Barheim Key. To get Barheim Key:
- Clear Flower Saboten and Nidhog Mob Hunt missions (rank E), so you should
have Great Serpentskin, if you keep this loot/treasure to clear this quest,
you do have a chance to get extra reward, read below.
- After got your reward of Flower Saboten mission from Dantro (your client),
talk to him again in Dalmasca Estersand and he will request you to pass the
flower to his wife.
- Now go to South Bank Village where you can find the Dalmasca Estersand
Gate Crystal. Talk to Dantro's wife to get Bundle of Needles (treasure).
- Leave and return this area, talk to the people near the river and the boy
named Tchigri, then choose first option to North Bank Village.
- Talk to Tchigri for some events, then will back to South Bank Village.
- Now speak with Dantro's wife again, then search behind her camp for the
red flower, examine it, a flower saboten will follow you.
- Speak with the boy, Tchigri to go North Bank Village again.
- Get close to the giant flower saboten, watch a scene. The flower saboten
left you 1000 gil and Wyrmfire Shot.
- Now back to South Bank Village and talk to Dantro's Wife, she request for
the Semclam Shells. The number of Semclam Shells you found affects the extra
reward, read below.
- Search the shore and check the shinning thing for the Semclam Shells.
- Pass the Semclam Shells to Dantro's Wife after you got enough. She requests
for the Nebralim.
- Return to the small camp section and talk to Dantro. Same place, find the
boxes in the central, check the jars there for Nebrarim, another one is the
jar behind the chocobo, pass them to Dantro's Wife also.
- Now Dantro's Wife request the Valeblossom Dew, which can be found in the
Broken Sands section.
- Move to Northern most section of Dalmasca Eastersand, find the flowers in
the valley. One of them is in the middle of the section, beside the rock
which you can push down, examine it to get Valeblossom Dew. The number of
this loot/treasure that you give to Dantro's Wife affects the extra reward
also, read below.
- Back to South of River and give Valeblossom Dew to Dantro's Wife. And now
give her the Great Serpentskin. Without this loot/treasure, you wouldn't
get the extra reward.
- Leave here for awhile and return, talk to the Recovering Traveler, she's
behind the camp where Dantro's Wife by, and she will gives you Barheim Key
with the extra reward.
As for the extra reward, it's based on how many loot/treasure that you gave
Dantro's Wife, but you must have the Great Serpentskin. The possible extra
rewards are the Golden Amulet, Magic Gloves or Balance Mote.
Golden Amulet awarded if you passed:
- Great Serpentskin x1, Semclam Shells x5, Nebralim x2, Valeblossom Dew x3
to Dantro's Wife. If not, the Magic Gloves is the extra reward for you, but
still, you need at least Nebralim x2, Semclam Shells x2 with other required
loot/treasure to get it.
From the Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal turn to South-East,
there is a small area, use your Barheim Key to unlock that door can back to
Barheim Passage now.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:19 pm 
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Fishing Minigame

After you get the Barheim Key (side quest above), and the story reached to
Port At Balfonheim,

- Back to Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal section, talk to
the man Ruksel who's looking at the river, knowing he wants to fishing.
- Return to Port At Balfonheim, the South-East section which is the road to
Airship Terminal/Aerodrome.
- Find the fishing old man around the crates area and talk to him twice, then
choose the first option.
- Now go further from the old man, but don't leave this section yet. After
awhile back to the same place, the old man was gone, examine the fishing rod
there to get Muramata.
- Move to Dalmasca Eastersand and pass the Muramata to Ruksel to start this
If you've completed Mysterious Man/Gilgamesh rank H Mob Hunt mission, you would
get Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Black Bottle during the fishing one by one.
With the hints from the Bottles, find five letters from the locations below:

Blue Bottle
- Nabreus Deadlands, section South section from the Gate Crsytal.
Reference the picture below if you don't want to find yourself.
Green Bottle
- Salikawood, section before to Nabreus Deadlands.
Find the shack by the middle trunk
Red Bottle
- Mosphoran Highwaste, Gate Crystal section.
Find the Wind Shrine at North-West area, check it to get the letter.
Yellow Bottle
- Cerobi Steppe,
Go turn on the windmill No.1, 2, 5, 7, 9, turn off 3, 4, 6, 8, 10. If you
do so, you will get the letter automatically, make sure double check to
confirm all of them have been fixed right.
Black Bottle
- Garamsythe Waterway, central control section where the Save Crystal by.
Go South-East abit, where you can see some mouses running round.

After you got all five letters, move on to Barheim Passage to find Gilgamesh.
Go to the longest railway in the middle known as Zeviah Span, you can see a
small area at the South of this section, and you can only reach there from
South. Enter that small area to watch a scene with Gilgamesh and Enkidou.

After all, you will obtain Matamune demon rod. Now return and pass this rod to
Ruksel in Dalmasca Eastersand, continue fishing until you get Upper Reaches.
At the beginning, you can only fish on the Lower Reaches, get 5 or above
perfect fishing (no mistake) to unlock the Middle Reaches. 5 more perfect
fishing on Middle Reaches to unlock Upper Reaches.

Now with the Matamune, you can obtain Bond Of Saboten in the Upper Reaches
with perfect fishing. Continue fishing in the new fishing spot, Secret Reaches.
With more perfect fishing, you will get Saboten Crest. Now fish in the last
fishing spot, Master Den. Try your best to get 9 successfully buttons press
for the King Of Nebra, then lastly obtain the treasure for Tolo Sword,
Lu Shang's Badge.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:21 pm 
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80 Rare Monsters
Story must reaches to Port At Balfonheim before anything starts. Go back to
The Phon Coast. same section with the Gate Crystal, talk to the Bangaa captain
in front of the cabin that's near the shore. Now the quest's began, go to the
South-East most and head up to the hill, wait until the first rare monster
appears at the bottom, then go down to defeat it. It's quite outstanding and
big, very easy to be noticed.

You will get an Engage item (name Trophy for US version) from this first ever
rare monster, take it back to the Gate Crystal section and talk to the Bangaa
captain again. Now you can begin to find more other rare monsters with the
Engage/Trophy item in the whole Ivalice.

After collecting enough of Engage/Trophy items, pass them to the Bangaa NPCs
in front of the Bangaa captain, and the 'Hunt Shop' near the Bangaa NPCs will
start selling the items. The stocks from the Hunt Shop will be affected base
on the amount of Engage items that you pass to the Bangaa NPCs.

Red Bangaa (Defensive Armor)
Demon Mail
Diamond Armor
Mirror Mail
Gaia Gear
Dragon Mail
Megapower Shishak

Green Bangaa (offensive)
Diamond Sword

Brown Bangaa(items, accesories)
Thief's cuffs
steel Poleyns
winged boots
Indigo pendant
Diamond Armlet
Reflectga Mote
HOly mote

Treasures of Zodiac
With enough of Engage items, go to the Imperial City of Archades, and obtain
all 28 White Leafs in the four sections at East for the Black Feather before
you can find the NPC who gives you the treasure of Horoscopes.

Same as how you get 9 White Leafs for the taxi guard to travel. Run around
speak with any one of the 28 appointed NPCs for the information, then inform
to the other one of the pair to complete it. Is better you run this with the
7a-6. Cockatrice Find quest together (below), since that quest in this place
needed all 28 White Leafs as well. Anyway, of cause you could done this
seperately if you don't want to be confused. When you back here during the
Cockatrice Find quest, you don't need to find all these White Leafs anymore.

In the section beside Airship Terminal, you can speak with the girl who's
runing around, and she will tell you the remaining White Leaf for each section
After getting all 28 White Leafs, go find the Guild Counter in any shops here,
trade all White Leafs for the Black Feather. With the Black Feather, you're
allowed to enter the Terrace of Central Section, where the Northern area from
Gate Crystal.
Inside here, head to right corner and run up to the corner. You can see four
NPCs are discussing there, talk to the old man for your reward

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:30 pm 
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7 Sisters

This quest start from the Airship, the Cabin Chief in the the Lounge. When
you're able to travel with Airship, you could have a chance to meet with a man
in the Airship Lounge, he's talking with the Cabin Chief in the counter.

Check on them to listen what are they talking about. The man is come from high
society (who also has 7 brothers in his family), he's offering the marriage to
the girl, but with certain reasons, the girl refuse him. Now he turns to you
and ask you to travel for another 6 routes of flight, find 6 other sisters and
tell them about this theme, then the man (whom you see at the counter) will
give up this marriage. So now what you need to do is keeping travelling to
defferent trips by normal flight to find the remaining 6 sisters. You would
get the key item, Ann's Letter from when you start quest.

When you found the different sister by the Cabin Chief counter, you could also
see a man in front of the counter. Talk to the Cabin Chief and show her the
Ann's Letter that you got from the first sister. Repeat this to the remaining
sister. Once you've done, you will get Ring of Renewal (accessory).

Rabanastre -> Bhujerba -> Balfonheim -> Archades -> Nalbina -> Balfonheim

July the Female Spy
This event can only happen after Tomb of Raithwall event and before story
reaches to Mosphoran Highwaste.(Do this immedietly and enter mosphoran highwaste you can buy golden amulet to doulbe your licence points)

- First, head to Nalbina and find two guards who block the way to Mosphoran.
Talk to July sitting away in front of them knowing she is undertaking a job,
and she wants to end it and back to Archades.
- Close to the guards and listen to their discussion.
The Senior Guard told The Junior Guard not to leave his post not ever what
happen. But the Junior Guard said he can’t bear the smell of chocobo.
- Hire a chocobo and drive this guard, he will scream and run away.
Junior Guard's family is Chocobo Gardener, and always get the smell, he work
hard and save the money to buy a perfume from Viera to cover this disfavored
and married his wife. This is the secret he keeps all the time. That's why
Julie was hired to search for.
- After that, July turns to you and thank.
She pursues you to come Archades for the reward. When you reach to Imperial
City of Archades, find her in the magic shop and get your reward, which is
Salamand Halcyon. It's a treasure to trade for Arcturus (Atk +44) gun type

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:37 pm 
Elite Soldier
Awesome WEapon
Barheim Key
-Can access after tomb of raitwall
Barheim Passage is of course where you must go to continue. Once you have the
Key, head South of Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank Village into the Banks of the
Nebra area. Go South East into the small area, called Murmuring Defile. Here
you'll see a corridor and a door, which is opened with the Barheim Key. Enter.

You end up in the Barheim Passage/The Zeviah Subterrane area. Head South West,
the North, and enter the next area (Great Central Passage). Go North one
more screen to the North-South Junction, where a Gate Crystal is. Save here.

Now is the time when you'll want to set all your Gambits. Bring out the
3 characters you'll be using primarily (you really only need 3 for this
entire thing, but I suppose if you wanted to set up more then you could).
Now hold down the Flee button, so you arent bothered by anything. Its time
to navigate to Ithuno. This part can be tricky to describe, so just look at
your Select map and the NAME of the area you are.

Starting at the Gate Crystal, go South one screen to the Great Central
Passage. Keep the camera behind you, and turn to your character's right
(technically West) and run until you come upon 2 railroad tunnels. They are
visible on your map at the far West end of this area (one passage is going
perfectly West, the other is going slightly North West, rightontop of it).
You want to go down the passage going perfectly West. If you went correctly,
youre now in Special Op Sector 5. Go forward (technically West) through this
passage. Having Libra on, you should pass a trap. Then, there should be 2
level 36-40 Suriander enemies (the frog ones). These are pretty annoying,
as there are about 7 in this passage. They cast Angelsong and can attack for
400+ damage (depending on your level). However, we're going to bypass most
of them. Flee past these two. There will be another one soon after these
guys. Run past. Just beyond this one is a huge Adamantitan enemy. He'll
cast a bunch of -ara spells if you get too close, but he can be totally
avoided if you just hug the wall and run past. Past him, you should nwo
find yourself running from dirt onto railroad tracks again. There should
be a frog enemy ont he tracks infront of you. Midway down these tracks, near
this frog, will be a boulder on your characters' right (technically north).

This boulder is where Ithuno is. He's a mimic, remember, so hell be disguised
as a treasure (looks like a vase of some kind). He'll be on the FAR SIDE of
this boulder. Now, turn on your attack Gambits and quickly kill this frog
enemy, since he'll only annoy you in the upcoming battle. Once dead, you can
start the fight. But wait...

Ithuno may not even be there! Look behind the rock. You'll see one of four
1) A regular treasure
2) A silvery treasure (distinctly different. Its silver with some purple on
the inside - this is Ithuno)
3) A regular AND a silvery treasure
4) Nothing

You obviously want to see that silvery treasure there. If you dont, press
Start, Square, and return to the title screen. Reload from your save point,
and return to this area to check again. Keep doing this until you actually
find the silvery treasure. Note that Ithuno is randomized after every reload
your game has. So he could be there, he could not be. After you steal from
him, you can save and reload and go back. He'll randomly be there again. This
is how the trick works. Now you must confront Ithuno.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:53 pm 
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-Zodiac Spear
if your planning of finishing the game 100% then you absolutely need this:

There are four areas of treasure chests that are connected to the Zodiac Spear, and if any of them are opened, the spear will not appear.

(1) In the "low town" directly in front of old Dalan's place.

(2) The treasure coffers in the cellars' southeast corner.when you have to go inside the castle to steal something (beginning of the story)

(3) The treasure coffers in the Confiscatory. This is after you recover your lost equipment in the Nalbina dungeons.

(4) There is a huge stash of sixteen treasure chests at the eastern point of Vaddu Strand (Phon Coast Region). If you have opened any of the previous chests, you only receive Gil. But the Zodiac Spear bestows 150 attack and 8 evasion.

Viera Lover

This event can be triggered after Bur Omisace.
In central section of Rabanastre, there's a man who's fall in love with the
Viera warrior.

Talk to the man by the fountain, knowing that Viera is around
Now go to South Entrance, talk to the Viera there
Move to Northern street, enter the Gambit Shop and talk to the Viera inside
the shop.
Go to The Sandsea now, head up to the stage and talk to the Viera there
After that, back to central section and talk to the man by the fountain again.
Then return to The Sandsea and talk to the Viera, and she will leave.
Lastly, head to central section, you will see both of them are chating near
the fountain, speak with them for your rewards, they are Rocsley Bow and
Hi-Potion x2.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:57 pm 
Elite Soldier
Esper Section
- Zertinian Cavern

Can reach this cavern through Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Ozmone Plains or Dalmasca
Westersand. Find the inner area where couldn't display proper in the mini map,
around there will encounter this esper. If you can kill the monsters in the
cavern easily, defeating the esper won't be a problem.

Flying target, plan to use magic, skill and weapons for flying target, since
the esper immune to some ammunitions, so recommend learn Telekinesis before
the fight. Some Shambling Corpses join the battle too. First you can flee from
the battle, then re-enter this section to kill off the corpses before the esper
found you. Equip the armor or shield that're immune to lightning if you have
any, eg: Rubber Suit which can be found in Pharos at Ridorana, or the strongest
Zodiac Escutcheon if you have got it.

Chaos(king of reincarnation)
Necrohol of Nabudis
Before you can fight Chaos, you have to go through some little quests and get
the apppointed keys. First of all, go Nabreus Deadlands to trigger the scene
with Ma'Kleou. Afterwards, you need to obtain three fragments, below is the
way for them:

- Clear Wraith (rank E), White Moose and Orthros (rank A) Mob Hunt missions.
- Return to your client for rewards with the first fragment from Orthros
mission, Blackened Fragment.

With Sluice Gate Key which get from the reward of White Moose Mob Hunt mission,
back to Garamsythe Waterway, so that you can control the panel. In the central
control section, you can see some spheres there which are the panel of 3rd,
4th, 10th and 11th area waterway. To not be confused, light off all panels
for first, then follow the steps below:
- On 11th Area Panel. (thats mean light up the panel)
- On 4th Area Panel.
- Off 11rd Area Panel.
- On 3rd Area Panel.
- Off 4th Area Panel.
- Now go around South in the same area and find the shiny object on the ground
which is another fragment that you need, Dull Fragment.
NOT in the South section, it's still the semi-circle!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:03 pm 
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If it's any wrong step you did, just light off all panel and start again.
- In Rabanastre Downtown/Lowtown, head to Old Dalan's Place at South, talk to
Roh'Kenmou near Dalan.
- Still in Downtown/Lowtown, around South-East area, talk to Filo.
- Go Rabanastre central section where known as Southern Plaza, talk to the
Curious Women who's looking at the fountain.
- Now go Bazaar section and speak with all merchants there and ask about the
Necklace things until you get the answer.
- Head to Magic shop and talk to the Sotted Imperial, the only soldier sitting
in the left corner, choose first option twice.
- Back down to Downtown/Lowtown and talk to Filo, choose lets go with Filo to
return to Magic Shop for some events, you will get one more fragment after
the scene, Grimmy Fragment.
Before leaving for the next quest, back to Old Dalan's Palce in
Downtown/Lowtown, pass all three fragments that you get to Roh'Kenmou,
and he would disappear.
- Since you had already met with Ma'Kleou, now go to The Imperial City Of
- Within the Magic Shop, talk to Roh'Kenmu.
- Move on to Old Archades West section, talk to Otto at the corner for the
Moonsilver Medallion.
- Return to Imperial City Of Archades, pass the Moonsilver Medallion to
Roh'Kenmu in Magic Shop.
After the quests above, you're getting closer to the esper. Now,
- Go to Nabreus Deadlands and talk to Ma'Kleou.
- Head to North-West section. Like you hunt Roblon (rank S), you have to go
through the hidden path. Just go South from the Gate Crystal, following
section search the North-West area for the path.
- Go until you see something like monument to get Medallion Of Bravery, Love
and lately obtain the Lusterless Medallion.

Now move to Necrohol Of Nabudis, central West area, use Medallion Of Bravery
to open the Door Of Horrors, defeat Humbaba Boss/Mistant optional boss. Head
to North-East area, use the Medallion Of Love to open the Door Of Loathing and
defeat Fury optional boss. Now the Lusterless Medallion become Mighty. Go to
the central section, use the Medallion Of Might to open the Door of Despair
and battle with this esper.

Attack command was sealed. Use Poison or Bleed and just keep on healing

Mosphoran Highwaste
After story reaching to Phon Coast, camp section, back to Mosphoran
Highwaste only you can find this esper. From the Gate Crystal section:

- Prepare some Gysahl Green.
- Activate the South-South Wind Shrine, it's South from the shop.
- Now you can see an exclamation mark in the map screen. Go North-East from
the Gate Crystal section.
- Give a Gysahl Green to the chocobo so you can ride it.
- Cross over the exclamation mark to West by using that chocobo.
- In West area, activate the West-West Wind Shrine there, then push down the
rock beside can back to Gate Crystal section.
- Activate North-West Wind Shrine which is around the shop.
- Now you can see two more exclamation marks in the map screen, they're around
West area, cross over them will reach to the arena.
Can't use item for this battle.

Quecklain Freakin Hard for me
Garamsythe Waterway
Require finish Wraith (rank E) and White Moose (rank A) Mob Hunt missions
first, obtain Sluice Gate Key and back here. From the first central area with
the Save Crystal, you should see some spheres here, they're the panels of 3rd,
4th, 10th and 11th area,
- First, switch on 3rd and 10th Area Panel. (thats mean light up the panel)
- From here to South-West and switch on the 1st Area Panel there.
- Back to central, off 3rd and 10th Area Panel, on 4th and 11th Area Panel.
- From here to South-East and switch on another 1st Area Panel.
- Back to central, off 11th Area Panel, on 3rd Area Panel. Which means 3rd and
4th Area Panel is on.
- Save your game before the battle, it wasn't an easy fight.
- From here, directly to South, down to the square area to face this esper.
You will get HP decrease in the entire battle

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:05 pm 
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Ultima Holy Angel
Ancient City of Giruvegan-Crystal Grande
After Ancient City Of Giruvegan event, back to the Crystal Grande part where
only display a giant crystal in your map. When you just reach Crystal Grande,
you were at teleport VIII
- From VIII you can see three ways here, one is up, one is down and another one
was sealing by Gate Scorpio. Head to the up way and push the switch for Gate
Scorpio. Now will start encounter some tough enemies on the way to the Ultima
- Back to VIII and unseal the Gate Scorpio, then cross over it.
- Reach to IX, use it to X.
- From X, following the only way here will reach XX.

- XX platform has two sealing Gate Sagittarius, one way down, two ways up,
another way is where you come from.
- From where you come to XX, go to the opposite way which is leads you down,
continue until the end and push the switch for Gate Sagittarius, then back
to XX within time limit.
- Unseal the Gate Sagittarius 2nd in XX platform, then cross over it.
- Reach to XII, just use it will come to XIV.

- In XIV platform, follow the leading to up way. Next platform push the switch
for Gate Leo, then back to XIV. (time counting)
- From XIV, take the way to down.
- Until third platform the way branch to two, one leads to Gate Leo 2nd,
another one is to Excalibur treasure (now you couldn't get it, return
here later). Just follow the up way to unseal Gate Leo 2nd.
- Here can see two more ways and a Gate Gemini, take anyone of the ways here
will reach XV, take it to XVI.

- In XVI platform, follow the middle way will see the switch for Gate Libra.
(take note on your own for here, you will back here later)
Push the switch and back to XVI.
- From where you back to XVI, take the right way, it should leads you up.
- Next platform, unseal the Gate Libra 1st and cross that way.
- Now reach to a platform with three ways. From where you come, go to leftern
way which also leads up.
- Push the switch for Gate Capricorn, return to XVI. (time counting)
- In XVI, take the only going down way will see Gate Capricorn 1st, pass it
come to switch for Gate Virgo, here is also a sealing Gate Aquarius.
- Push the switch for Gate Virgo (time counting) then return to XVI.
- In XVI, head to the middle way which leads to Libra switch.
- From Libra switch, follow the down way will see two sealing gate in next
platform. Just unseal the Gate Virgo 2nd.
- Next section, from where you come, go to the right way which leads to up.
- Use XVII will reach XVIII.

- In XVIII platform, follow the only way here will see a Save Crystal in next
- Save Crystal section, here got three more ways. From where you come, left way
goes to the switch for Gate Aquarius, right way leads to teleport XIX which
warp back to XX, follow to the middle will battle against Ultima.

From the first Holyja she casts, you will get HP decrease, MP decrease, then
following with battle commands will be sealing one after one. Here is the
-HP decrease-> MP->decrease-> Attack-> Magic-> Skill-> Item-> Magnet-> *repeat

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:09 pm 
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Zalera Angel of Death
Barheim Passage
Requirement: Barheim Key
At where you back from Dalmasca Eastersand, go to North. Turn to West in the
section before Gate Crystal, then head to North-West passage. After there, you
will reach to the long railway at West known as Zeviah Span, follow the railway
to South, on the way you have to push down the broken wagon to unlock the new
path. A Save Crystal at South-West area just before the esper fight, continue
to West from the Save Crystal will reach to No.7 Terminus, where the Zalera
esper is waiting.
There's Time Limit

Stillshrine of Miriam
After the battle in Mt. Bur Omisace, talk to an elder outside this building
to get Stone Of The Condemner. Back to Stilshrine Of Miriam, and check the
Way Stone inside the main hall, then use Stone Of The Condemner on it will
to into a secret room, exit from the room will face this esper.
Cant cast magics

Henne Mines 2 Monster here are quite hard...
Must have at least 10 espers and finish Mind Flare mob hunt mission (rank B),
go Land Of The Garif and find the geomancer to get some info, he is located at
opposite from the Item Shop. Back to Henne Mines, go North from Gate Crystal,
now you can see the gate to East has been open up. Follow the path to the
secret area, you can also get the map here, but the map doesn't show all the
ways here. There is not save point from the Gate Crystal, and the enemies are
pretty stronge, don't fight with this esper if you can't defeat those enemies
here. Within the secret area, you can see a section around North, something
like oval shape, Zodiac is waiting you there.

Other Esper are accesible only through the story

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