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i need help on game can anybody help -
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 User is Offline Guest   Post Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 6:22 am

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i need help on game can anybody help

im really stuck on the trails at djose temple i cant get through ive opened the second door but how do i get past the lightning bolts plz help
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 User is Offline Guest   Post Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:15 am

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i did make a help thread but yeah i cant remeber that far back in the game but im sure some1 will be obliged to help you if not PM me and ill have probz remebered by then!

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 User is Offline Panagiotis   Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:42 am
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Cloister of Trials:

Grab the Djose Sphere on your left and the Djose Sphere on your right and set them into the door. When both spheres are in place the door opens. In the next room you will see two sphere on the left and right diagonal walls. Take them out and put them both into the two slots on the Eastern side. Now that the thing in the ceiling starts to glow push the pedestal underneath it. This will charge the sphere that is in the pedestal. Remove the Djose sphere from the pedestal and place it in the slot on the right diagonal wall. Return to the East side and take the two Djose Spheres out of the wall and put them both in the pedestal. Run to the West side of the room and step on the shiny floor panel to reset the pedestal.

Push it directly North into the next room and it will float on the electricity. You can now jump across to the other side and push the pedestal there to activate the central eye of the symbol in the middle. Step on the shiny panel again to get your pedestal back. Remove your charged up sphere from the wall on the right and put it into the wall on the left. This will
activate the head portion of the symbols. To activate the arms you need to remove both Djose Spheres from the pedestal and put them into the East and West slots of the first room of the trials. Step onto the symbol and head up.

There are five pedestals in the room to the North, examine all of them to turn on all five electrical currents. Ride the elevator back down to the lower
floor and examine the glowing white panel on the Western side, the one on the wall and not the floor. Touch it to open the path to the Destruction Sphere.
Ride the elevator back up and place the Destruction Sphere into the pedestal you just created. This breaks the wall revealing a treasure chest with 'Magic
Sphere' inside. Ascend the West stairs and watch the scene. Try to leave the chamber to progress the game.

In the morning go back into the temple and speak to the woman beside the bed. Watch the scene when Yuna wakes up and leave the temple. Save your game at
the Save Sphere on your right then enter the small hut. There is now a treasure chest behind the counter area containing 'Switch Hitter.' Leave the
temple area to the South. On the bridge speak with the first person you pass on the upper side and he'll give you a 'Halberd.' The monk walking along the
path will give you two 'Hi-Potion' and the soldier in blue with the face mask standing stationary offers ten Potions. Head South and watch the scene.
Gather your party and set off across the Moonflow to the Northwest!
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